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Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam is an ancient formula of herbal ingredients based on the authentic texts of Sahasrayogam, combined to form one of the best health supplements for women of all ages. Common problems like flat breasts, hollow cheeks, and unattractive curves are no more a headache! Consumption of this health tonic is particularly proven to transform lean women to ones with perfect physique and body contours, a figure that all women have always desired to possess. Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam is an excellent supplement for women suffering from gastric and reproductive ailments and essential during pregnancy and postnatal period. Its unique combination of ingredients is beneficial for women trying to conceive and for breast-feeding mothers. Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam contains the best of milk and ghee with 18 proven herbal ingredients. It can be consumed by women as a protein balancer as well. All in all, Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam has proven to be an essential therapeutic enhancer for today's women around India.. Shop it on puyapla.com

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